download (9)It’s tough to impress today’s audiences-everything must be bigger, brighter, and bolder. The best way to catch audiences’ attention is to capitalize on the latest technologies that allow you to display vivid, eye-catching content sure to captivate any viewer. How can you accomplish this? The solution is a video wall installation.

What Is a Video Wall?

A video wall is a display using multiple screens. This allows users to create larger images by using all of the screens together or stream different content to each screen individually. Sometimes one screen isn’t enough, and using one extra-large screen can be extremely expensive. That’s why using an installation with multiple screens is a more customizable, dynamic, and cost-effective solution for all of your content.

This type of display will come in handy in a variety of environments, and this technology is currently in high demand. In today’s forward-thinking world, there is an increasing interest in bright multimedia content, which is possible to show anywhere thanks to advancements in flat-screen technology, higher screen resolutions, and new innovations in Pro A/V manufacturing.

Do You Need a Video Wall?

There are plenty of reasons you might need one. Multi-screen displays are known for their versatility. They are the hottest technology for any venue that wants to display high-definition images and promotional content. Not only are they a striking way to advertise or broadcast information in public locations, but they’re also perfect for security systems that require close monitoring.

Some public locations that benefit from such displays are transportation hubs, stadiums, restaurants, hospitals, stock exchanges, casinos, conference centers, schools and universities. Video walls are also ideal for production studios, control rooms, broadcasting facilities, point of sale, security and camera surveillance.

There is a broad range of places where you might see a multi-screen display, in both the public and private sector. That’s because this technology is adaptable to almost any occasion. If your business needs a way to display digital content, then this is the perfect solution.

How Does it Work?

Video wall systems require a controller, or processor, to manage the content that gets displayed on the screens. There are a variety of different types of controllers you can find to meet your needs. Some of these controllers allow you to plug in your media players and play the content directly from there, while others allow you to customize content using software. It’s important to choose the right controller for you, and once you do, you can create the reliable and stunning display that you need.

SmartAVI, an American Pro A/V company, offers a wide selection of solutions designed for users who have no technical training. These solutions range from basic hardware-based plug and play systems to highly customizable PC-based software-run systems. SmartAVI tailors its video wall solutions specifically to meet the needs of each customer.


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