images (1)The education ecosystem has broadened its horizons to innumerable courses and educational institutions are experiencing a huge influx of students as a result. Another prime concern is to stay in the race, apparently lead the race of educational institutions in respective genres. For this, the college needs to live up to the expectations of regulatory bodies like NBA and NAAC. So, it’s not only about automating and expediting the college management procedures, it’s about time and resource management too.

College management software comes with a whole bunch of benefits for sure. It is a surefire tool for campus automation. The different modules of a CMS manage the workflow automation of different departments of the college and even the processes.

Modules and Benefits

The major concerns of any college include systematization of the entire admission procedure. It includes applications, shortlisting, admissions, roll no generation, id generation and more. The fees management module is a more sophisticated module because it takes care of the various fees applicable and integration of the same as well. The different fees applicable to a student vary from admission fees, scholarship fees, mess and transportation, hostel fees, fines and late fees, exam and reappearance fees, etc. In the academics department the role of a CMS is automation of the time table creation process, faculty allocation process and more. There are certain educational institutions where the time table keeps on rotating. Here the news it that customized solutions are available for that as well. Examination is another important process which needs meticulous planning but again with a college management software, the process is made easy. Whether it is about creating examination time table or hall ticket issuance, whether it is about results storage or publishing results to students and parents, everything is taken care of. Similarly, there are modules available for administration, human resource, payroll and finance as well. Another benefit being that if institutions already have previous software’s like payroll installation, the required modules can be seamlessly integrated in the same.

Having said that, there are a few points that need to be considered before going for a CMS system. This includes a solution that is agile and scalable, otherwise it could create a big problem in the future, when you need to upgrade your existing one. Going for a custom made CMS rather than a one size fits all is always advisable because with those systems firstly your specific needs are not fulfilled and secondly you many a time end up paying hefty amount for modules that are of no use to you but come in simply as a part of the package.

Overall, a college management ERP or any Medical college Management Software is undoubtedly a necessity more than anything for streamlining the entire work system of colleges and optimizing resources as well. Rest assured a good one offers optimum returns on your investment.


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