download (5)A computer can be defined as a general purpose device that is programmed in a way that it can carry out a set of logical as well as arithmetic operations in an automatic manner. As a sequence of operations can be changed readily, the computer is capable of solving more than one problem. Conventionally, a particular computer consists of at least one element for processing which is typically called the CPU and there is also some form of memory. This processing element carries out various arithmetic as well as logical operations and also sequencing and a control unit.

The computer system is not at all a simple machine. It is just like a very modern and a very highly complex calculator. It is capable of doing or performing almost all the functions at a very speedy rate which helps us a lot to progress and search in our businesses and homes. A computer can therefore be called as a calculator that includes a twist as it not only performs very fast calculations, but it is also capable of having various other special characteristics. The computer has changed the manner in which man is witnessing things.

These computers have transformed in such a manner that they have become an unavoidable part of our life. They are involved in the success and development of each and every individual. They are no longer owned only by rich and wealthy people. Computers have the capability of transforming the country in the coming years and days. The accurate knowledge of a computer which be helpful in bringing a change in a very astonishing manner. It will lead to optimism and the demolition of illiteracy as well.

Computers have been allotted a very integral role to play these days. They are used in every office, home or shop because of their ever increasing utility. Computers are gradually and slowly penetrating through the modern society as people are getting more and more optimistic about the promises made by this invention. They are also used in businesses, industry and government sectors. Computers help the users to save so much of manual power, time and cost which is a great thing for us at this point of time. Instead of spending countless hours of manual work, it is a great thing that we can finish the same work in a few minutes by using a computer. It is one of the important points.


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